Management Services

Optimal Performance Requires Strong Risk Management & Long Term Vision

Pocrnic Realty Advisors has been active in property management since its beginnings.  PRA’s management activities began in Southern Ontario and have expanded to include management operations in various markets across Canada.

Approaching one million square feet across forty sites, PRA managed sites are diverse in nature, including the following asset classes:

  • Retail Plazas
  • Industrial
  • Mixed Use
  • Multi Residential

Core Services

  • Strong fiscal management with secure online client access
  • Capital and Operational budgeting and reporting
  • Experienced, accredited, professional staff
  • 24/7 Emergency Service


At PRA, we believe in customized management solutions to meet the needs of our trusted joint venture partners and clients.  Our goal is to build a trusting environment for clients and tenants alike, supported by PRA’s multi-disciplinary experience.  Always striving to deliver maximized returns to clients through proactive, hands on management.

Management Specialties

Managing the TOOLS & RESOURCES to allow your CAPITAL & EQUITY to grow.


We offer qualified professionals who can simplify the complexity of today’s property management demands so that in your retirement you don’t have to worry. At PRA we are sensitive to the concerns of those who may be torn between selling and maintaining their real estate holdings as a family legacy. We provide information and present options to help you make the most appropriate choice for your family.


In the event of a default, PRA is equipped to consult and oversee the owner’s obligations on behalf of the mortgagee until the property sale is complete. We work to mitigate losses and avoid the deterioration of the property’s financial standing, condition or performance.


Canada’s strong economic outlook and conservative interest rate policy make foreign ownership a growing reality in today’s real estate market. The special nature of PRA’s involvement in the marketplace enables us to provide essential services to international clients.


PRA is well-versed in ownership and acquisition and manages its portfolio based largely on its belief that real estate remains the ultimate wealth strategy.  Our experience and discipline to manage with vested interests drives our passion and commitment to our real estate.  We have always believed that any property compatible with our services and support is a building worthy of co-ownership considerations so that our partners and clients can share in our long-term successes.


While in some circumstances a flat rate may be offered, our fees are generally based upon actual income collected.  PRA does not charge for preliminary consulting to review your property needs.  Subject to this review, we can provide recommendations, a management strategy and a fee structure for the client to consider.