Mortgage Investments

The idea behind our mortgage investments is simple.  Once our team qualifies a mortgage deal, it is circulated to a our registered mortgage investors.  The offering is communicated to our investment forum immediately, and an expiry date for bids is included with each offering.  Investments are flexible and are designed to meet the investor’s capacity or level of interest.  The entire offering can be taken up by one or more investors.

All information regarding the investment offering is outlined in the prospectus we send to perspective investors.  Once the entire offering is filled, the offering is announced closed, and PRA Inc. goes to work on the administrative side.  We act as a conduit  for both borrowers and investors at the same time.  As the investment manager we ensure the transaction flows smoothly, and the entire process is completed in a timely manner and meets all of its investment objectives.

Some of the advantages that investors have by investing in PRA’s Inc. mortgage-backed investments are:

  • PRA Inc. electronically deposits your regular monthly dividends
  • PRA Inc. sends you a schedule of payments for the full term of the mortgage so that you know what to expect from month to month;
  • PRA Inc. provides you with all tax-related forms prior to tax season for income tax reporting;
  • PRA Inc. provides you with ongoing customer support in case you have any questions/concerns;
  • PRA Inc. gives current investors first priority on renewals upon expiry of the set term on the mortgage investment;
  • PRA Inc. provides professionally managed collections and reporting to protect the quality and consistency of mortgage proceeds.

We encourage you to contact us directly if you would like to be added to our forum of investors.  This will give you full access to participate in upcoming investment offerings.


Chris McCurley, 
Manager | Mortgage Services
T: 905-522-7936 X 244
C: 905-630-7383

Administrator License No. 11799
Brokerage License No. 11796