Litigation Support

Litigation Requires Meticulous, In-depth Research for Success

We believe that, regardless of the type of legal proceeding, effective litigation support requires meticulous and in-depth research to ascertain quality information and to compile, prepare and deliver comprehensive reports.  We understand the importance of delivering our findings in an efficient, timely manner. We understand the potential consequence of legal action.  We are skilled in providing authoritative and conclusive testimony which inevitably mitigates litigation risk.

PRA has qualified  experts in real estate valuation before countless tribunals and courts.  We have the experience and first-hand knowledge of the controlling variables in the marketplace reaching beyond superficial and general public data.  This contributes to the high regard for PRA in matters before Divisional Court, Ontario Court and the Ontario Municipal Board and the Assessment Review Board.


Our trustworthy and expert staff has a time-honoured reputation in the area of litigation support. We offer experience in, among others, the following matters:

  • Breach of Contract / Damages
  • Estate matters
  • Expropriation
  • Improvident Sale / Power of Sale
  • Insurance Claims
  • Lease Renewals/Arbitration
  • Marital Property Disputes
  • Quantification of Environmental Damage
  • Tax Assessment