Mortgage Investment

A Conduit for Both Borrowers & Investors

Pocrnic Realty Advisors Inc. is recognized by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. It is fully insured and licensed to provide Brokerage (License #: 11796) and Administration Services (License #: 11799) in the Province of Ontario.

At PRA Inc., we maintain the belief that real estate remains as one of the most reliable investments for investors provided it is afforded the best risk management practices available in the industry by the most seasoned professionals.

As an investor, you are given access to an exclusive opportunity to invest in mortgage funds on a selective basis.  Rates are secured and generally exceed 8 to 12 percent, and sometimes higher.  Although there is some risk involved, PRA Inc. will mitigate this risk with safe lending margins and shorter terms.  Remember that the security we hold is the greatest advantage, as real estate is less risky than mutual funds and stocks.

Administrator License No. 11799
Brokerage License No. 11796