Property Management

Professional Management Services Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Join the ranks of the managers and owners who profit from PRA’s disciplined and conscientious approach to property management. Leave the time-consuming and complex role of managing your realty investments to us. Our effective management strategies will safeguard your assets and make a real difference on your bottom line. We can enhance the value of your property management.


  • We have strong fiscal management – the hallmark of a PRA-managed property
  • We are proactive – we implement hands-on management strategies
  • We take a customized approach – to meet both your needs and the needs of your property
  • We provide you with reduced risk and legal exposure – we maintain an up-to-date awareness of regulatory changes
  • We concentrate on maximizing yield potential – by focusing on the details
  • We promote stable occupancy – by elevating tenant satisfaction
  • We provide you with premium-reduced insurance and liability policies – we’ve got you covered


At PRA our philosophy is simple – we are here to help your goals. We provide professional management services tailored to the individual owner’s needs, while maximizing yield potential through hands-on attention to detail.  PRA’s commitment to successful property management is demonstrated in our proactive approach to each and every principle and component of property management. All of this is designed to meet or exceed your expectations, and all tailored to the needs of both the property and its owners.


PRA’s property management department manages properties of all sizes and types. We are a full-service property management department and we serve the Golden Horseshoe Area and its surrounding areas.

We believe that management efficiencies require a concentrated geographic focus. While PRA is often called to lend professional assistance out of the preferred zone, it is done only after the scope and expectations are clearly set out with the client.

Please contact us in order to discuss your needs in more detail.


At PRA, we believe that all properties are unique, each requiring a management plan tailored to its needs. Over time these plans may fluctuate or evolve, so their success are contingent upon us keeping your long term goal in sight, and ultimately, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. You can count on us for this flexibility and reliability.